Tim Sharbel

Dr. Tim Sharbel Research Chair in Seed Biology at the Global Institute for Food Security at the University of Saskatchewan. Sharbel is an evolutionary biologist specializing in apomixis research. Visit Tim's Research Gate Page

Harry Schulz

Harry Schulz is a Winnipeg-based venture partner with Linn Grove Ventures and CEO of Virgin Plants. Schulz is a 30-year veteran of Canada’s life science sector, with leadership roles in founding 3 research institutes at the Health Sciences Centre and St Boniface Hospital, as well as Prairie Fire Growth Ventures and Linn Grove Ventures. Schulz has played a founding role in 12 life science spin off companies (agriculture and health).

Thor Iverson

Thor Iverson is a partner in Linn Grove Ventures and CFO of Virgin Plants. He has over 25 years of senior management experience, having served as a Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Executive Officer with technology firms including Echelon Corporation,, Amity Technology, Concord, Inc., and Great Plains Software (acquired by Microsoft in 2001). His background can be seen here.

Bert Innes

Dr. Bert Innes is a veteran member of Canada’s plant science research community, with a background in plant breeding, intellectual property and research management. Dr. Innes previously held roles at Agriculture and AgriFood Canada, DeKalb, Mycogen and Prairie Fire Growth Ventures. Dr. Innes is a scientific consultant to Virgin Plants.

Board of Directors
Dan Hodgson (Chair) – Partner, Linn Grove Ventures.
Dr. David Ertl, Iowa Corn Promotion Board
Dr. Tim Sharbel, – Group Leader of Apomixis Research at the IPK Gatersleben.
Harry Schulz, CEO – Virgin Plants Inc.
Dr. Ron Muesen, Partner – Cultivian Ventures

Dr. Phil McLean, Professor (Plant Sciences), North Dakota State University
Dr. David Ertl, Technology Commercialization Manager, Iowa Corn Promotion Board
Dr. James McLaren, Principal – Strathkirn (prior – Director - New Product Introduction at Monsanto)
Dr. William Wilson, Distinguished Professor (Agri-Business and Applied Economics), North Dakota State University

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